Blossoms By The Park One-north

Blossoms By The Park One-north
Blossoms By The Park One-north

Blossoms By The Park One-north : Why is It Important for Buyers to Know

As you know by now, Blossoms by the Park Condo at one-north is located right at the vicinity of one-north. one-north is developed by Singapore’s JTC Corporation as the country's research and development and high technology cluster. It was launched in 2001.

So it has been more than 20 years ago that this very special business and RD place in Singapore has opened. In the meantime, it created many job opportunities for locals and foreigners and also played a key role in the Covid issue in Singapore. It is a very beautiful place and an amazing place to work in.

There are tons of networking (and drinking places and coffee cafes) for you to meet the right minded people and grow your career and the country's economy.

Blossoms by the Park occupies a highly coveted location in the heart of One-North Business Park, a thriving community where top-tier professionals, researchers, scientists, and Infocomm Technology (ICT) experts converge for work, living, and leisure.

Prominent anchor tenants within the Business Park include Procter  Gamble at Biopolis, Shell at The Metropolis Tower, and Unilever’s Four Acres leadership development campus at Nepal Hill.

Why the name one-north

But whey the name one-north. Apparently, the significance of the name one-north is from the fact that Singapore is located one-degree to the north of the equator. It is a very hot place to be in. But then air conditioning is part of the country too :)

Blossoms by the Park 博盛苑 at One North

About one-north

The area is split into several main developments which goes by very nice and futurist names like Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, Rochester Park etc. Today, one-north serves as a local, regional and global centre for high technology and high-tech innovation. Many high-tech companies and multinational companies were established across the subzone, such as Google, where it serves as its Asia-Pacific headquarters and the headquarters of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). 

Blossoms by the Park 博盛苑 at One North


Biopolis is the biomedical RD hub at one-north. It houses public research institutes and private research organisations. It probably is still the most famous part of one-north and what many associated one-north with. Biopolis is dedicated to providing good space for biomedical research and the development activities and promoting peer review and collaboration among the medical scientific community. In May 2021, Wilmar International, a large company, relocated its global headquarters to the Biopolis precinct. 



Fusionopolis is a huge part of the one-North district. It is the RD hub for infocomm technology, media, physical sciences and engineering industries. It houses various research organizations, high-tech companies and government agencies in one location. This is also where the one-north MRT station is. Yes one-north has its own MRT station. Amazing. In 2021, Razer, the very famous gaming hardware company, officially opened its Southeast Asia headquarters in one-north. 

Blossoms by the Park 博盛苑 at One North



Mediapolis is yet another district in one-north. It is a 19-hectare hub created for the infocomm and media industry. Hence the name. The plans is for a media hub which has digital production and broadcasting facilities, interactive digital media and RD activities, computer-generated imagery and visual effects, post-production facilities, games and animation facilities, digital media schools and digital rights management.

In 2014, Infinite Studios started in Mediapolis and is now a 1.2-hectare soundstage facility and is Singapore's first such location. In 2015, local Singapore media company, the famous Mediacorp moved from the old Mediacorp Caldecott Broadcasting Centre to the new 800,000 square feet 12-storey Mediacorp Campus.

The campus has won praise for its outstanding design. In 2022, Singapore giant, Grab, officially opened its 9-storey headquarters located across Mediapolis. With an area of more than 42,000 square metres, the new Grab HQ houses approximately 3,000 employees.

Media Circle, itself, is the subject of new re-zoning plans by URA for One North that promise to make the area more exciting than ever.

What does One North meant for you, the buyer for Blossoms by the Park


All these interesting information about one-north is fine but what does this actually mean for you, the potential buyer for Blossoms by the Park Condo at one-north . As a savvy property investor, you will know that such high tech and specialised zones will hire many foreign expats moving from overseas to Singapore. They obviously need a place to stay. With Blossoms by the Park condo so close to one-north and near the hip area of Holland Village, it will be a very attractive choice for young and mobile expats.

In addition, Blossoms by the Park condo is located near to educational and research institutes such as National University of Singapore (NUS), INSEAD, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and the Singapore Science Parks. It is also close to the Buona Vista MRT station (to be exact, an interchange which has TWO MRT lines !).

One-North benefits from excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore, with Buona Vista and One-North MRT stations, major expressways, and bus services providing convenient transportation options. The business park also offers a range of recreational amenities and services, including parks, sports facilities, and dining and retail establishments, making it an attractive work and living destination.

In essence, One-North is a dynamic and innovative business park that hosts a diverse community of companies and institutions. Its focus on cutting-edge research and development, coupled with its strategic location and extensive range of amenities, positions it as a leading choice for businesses and individuals in the tech and media sectors.

Blossoms by the Park Condo at one-north will also be a draw to expats coming to Singapore with their families. So Blossoms by the Park will have access to a huge tenant pool and be a very good investment for your monies.

As an investor, you want non stop tenant pools so that you can maximise your rental periods and able to make quickly back your original investment.


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